Michael P. Bachman


Java, Frontend Development, UNIX/LINUX, Distributed Computing, Android Mobile Development, Build/Test/Release Automation & Compression



June 2005 – Present:  

        Google Inc. - Engineering Director (2013-present)

Leading a global engineering organization of 200+ engineers across 9 geographic locations focused on build, test, release, monitoring and infrastructure for our Display & Video Ads stack.


        Google Inc. - Engineering Manager (2005-present)

(details last updated in 2013)

Built-out and managing a global infrastructure engineering team topping at 7 geographic locations and 100+ engineers covering our Ads Display & Content platforms.  I also utilized my technical and product management skills to build-out payment and advertising solutions for second & third-world countries in my 20% time.  The team focuses on build, test, release, monitoring and experimentation infrastructure, compression and coverage.

Management Responsibilities:

  • Currently managing a global team across US, Europe, and South American focusing on our Analytics and AdSense advertising products. 
  • Built-out and managed a global team around our Billing, CRM, and Internal Systems across 6 geographic locations (5 countries) topping 70+ engineers
  • Re-build the software engineering model for a global 120+ development team
  • Currently lead the organization's college internship program for North America
  • Co-lead the build-out of Google's QA outsourcing program in Argentina & Mexico, eventually saving Google millions in staffing costs
  • Setup quality metrics, defect trends, and analysis for Test Engineering to measure and track performance
  • Rolled-out product life-cycle best practices within the organization
  • Rolled-out a Google Vendor Performance report and process that contains a set of cost comparison, quality, productivity, timeliness, and turn-over metrics to compare vendor relationships and track issues and progress
  • Built a centralized machine and environments team to maintain large system environments

Hiring & Recruiting Responsibilities:

  • Co-lead the hiring and build-out of our Phoenix, Dublin, and London engineering offices
  • Interviewed over 500 candidates at Google
  • Gave technical and recruiting presentations at UTEP, SJSU, UCSC, SCU
  • Participate as a weekly speaker to college recruits that come to the Google campus
  • Participate in organization and executive management hiring committees

Speaking/Training Responsibilities:
  • Currently teaching the Having Difficult Conversations internal class at Google for engineers and managers (in the US, NYC, and Zurich)
  • Speaker at the World Engineering Forum in Austria on "Testing Partnerships with Development"
  • New York Testing Summit Keynote speaker on Google Ads Test Engineering
  • Regular new-hire teacher on testing and engineering practices at Google
  • Provided training sessions on internal Google technologies, our Ads & Billing Systems, and Java/JUnit/MySQL to cross-functional teams

Merger & Acquisition Responsibilities:

  • Participated in due-diligence, interviewing, and engineering analysis around Google's acquisition of Begun in Russia
  • Currently working on the DoubleClick Integration Team, focusing on product integration and testing

20% Project (Developing Payment Solutions for 2nd and 3rd World Countries):
  • Product Managed, designed, and implemented a Western Union-based payment system in 20+ countries
  • Product Managed, designed and implemented a Russian specific payment solution that gained over 70% adoption
  • Participated in Russian press conferences and launches around the above product

June 2004 – June 2005:  
        Google Inc. - Software Engineer
Led the productivity efforts around our Billing, Google Checkout, and Internal System applications.  I utilized my strong communication and inter-personal skills to lead corporate efforts around SOX compliance and graduate college recruiting.

Technical Responsibilities:
  • Led and automated the testing of the AdSense referrals and new revenue sharing models
  • Led the build-out of an automated, nightly Google Checkout load and performance suite
  • Developed an automated, data-driven XML Billing system test framework for AdWords and AdSense
  • Setup an automated verification system, testing Google's financial reports for SOX compliance
  • Wrote SPI(Service Provider Interface) Unit Tests for our Billing platform
  • Created a monitoring system to check the status of the automated tests
  • Wrote full-feature stub of our legacy Billing system

Leadership Responsibilities:
  • Led the Billing Outsourcing Project, moving invoicing & payments logic from Google to an outsourced payment provider
  • Built-out and revamped the release cycle, developed phase gates, milestones, and exit criteria
  • Traveled to Germany to coordinate and perform end-to-end system tests with the payment provider
  • Lead the build-out, development, and testing of Google's billing platform disaster recovery system
  • Product managed and developed an initial version of our test case analysis and reporting system

Business Responsibilities:
  • Worked with auditors to revamp the Google release cycle and documentation for SOX compliance
  • Developed a Google "GRAD" program where we train and educate new graduate students in software engineering before we move them into official full-time roles at Google

Sept 2003 – June 2004:  
        Google Inc. - Software Engineer (Contractor)
Utilized my software engineering background to provide more efficient and effective automated tools to our test engineering team.  I built-out the initial versions of our corporate financial reports, bridged gaps between Product Management and Operations, and led the launch of multiple advertising and billing features.
(contractor from Sept 2003 - March 2004)

Technical Responsibilities:
  • Wrote automated system tests around Google's Analytics, Billing system, Billing API, and our AdSense payment platform
  • Created AdWords simulation tools and automated the migration of advertisers to our Ireland entity
  • Automated verification of Google's AdSense Tax Compliance workflow
  • Performed security testing of initial GMail and AdSense applications
  • Performed exploratory testing during Google Desktop, GMail, Google.com, AdWords, and AdSense releases
  • Built a Python-based automated framework to test the XML export of Google.com search results
  • Developed Google's first set of financial reports from our billing system using Java

Leadership Responsibilities:
  • Led the testing of our initial Google Checkout platform
  • Led bug triage meetings and analyzed defect trends for all product areas involved in
  • Worked with Product Management and Development to resolve, debug, and triage production defects
  • Led the testing for the AdWords third-party system, the Billing Bank Transfer project (launched in 39 countries), and AdWords Geo-Targeting
  • Was the engineering support to Finance during Google's initial month closes on our new billing & payments platform

June 2003 – September 2003:  
        WhiteHat Securities - Software Engineer (Contractor)

Technical Responsibilities:  Created a Java proxy server to intercept HTTP requests and provide modification tools to change request parameters to check the security of a web application. Created connection and crawling logging ability for the software to track previously covered web pages. 

June 2002 – June 2003:  

        Silicon Valley Bank - Product Manager

Technical Responsibilities: Software development using C# and ADO.NET for the main BenchmarkPro financial data-analysis application for the corporate clients.  Used JSP, Javascript to build-out internal & external web-based applications to track interest, feedback, and group forums.  Built-out corporate and client pitches in Flash and Photoshop.  Developed in JSP to maintain the legacy application before we moved to the new .NET-based architecture and maintained the application's physical servers.

Business Responsibilities:  Built-out product requirements, infrastructure/hardware design, and product plans/roadmap for our internal data-analysis products.  Led the outsourcing of product development with a San Francisco-based vendor.  Assisted in building corporate division plans, projections, and strategy for the Board of Directors.  

September 2001 – December 2002:  

        AllDorm Inc. - CIO

Technical Responsibilities:  Managed and directed the Information Technology group within the company, building out CRM and SCM tools.  Worked on building the first corporate budgets, tracking engineering spend, and setting up the release process around our web-based portal. 

Business Responsibilities:  Co-led the investment funding for the company.  Worked on VC pitches, brought in the our first corporate lawyer and HR consulting firms, worked and got the executive management team admitted to present at Guy Kawasaki's "Gong Show."  

March 2001-June 2002:  

        Sun Microsystems - Project Coordinator/Product Manager

Technical Responsibilities: Developed JSP-based frontends for our defect tracking system, used JMeter for load & performance tests, and built-out a Perl-based intranet portal for both products.  Coordinated online and in-house product demos and training.  

Business Responsibilities: Product Change Control Board head, led business requirements gathering, developed functional specifications, produced product overviews, design docs, and performed a Product Manager-like role for our CRM & Defect Tracking systems.

Summer 2000:  

        Sun Microsystems - Software Engineer - Business Practices

Technical Responsibilities: Developed a Java-based application for Product Management to enter in product/business details for persistent storage (project database & application).  Also developed a Perl/HTML-based frontend to coordinate with the Java-based server application.

Business Responsibilities: Drove the product life-cycle around the business practices/project database.  Gathered requirements from internal sources and teams, created training manual and videos for the product. Drove internal training and in-house customer response forums. 


University of Southern California

MS in Engineering Management (2013)

Stanford University

Graduate Certificate in International Security (2009)

Graduate Certificate in Management Science & Engineering (2008)

Graduate Certificate in Advanced Project Management (2007)

Santa Clara University

B.S. - Computer Engineering (2003)

Minor: Mathematics (2003)


  • Google Executive Management Award - Google TV (2010)
  • Google Executive Management Award - DoubleClick for Publishers (2009)
  • Google Executive Management Award - International Forms of Payment (2007)
  • Multiple Google Peer & Spot Bonus Awards
  • Google AdWords Premium Certification (2003)
  • WhiteHat Securities, Certified in Web Hacking & Protection (2003)
  • Silicon Valley Bank, HR Star Award (2003)
  • St. Francis Community Service Medal Award (1999)


Branham Hills Baseball Little League Coach, San Jose Homeless Children Mentor, YMCA Camp Campbell Cabin Leader, Children’s Discovery Museum Volunteer, Tech Museum of Innovation Volunteer


Golf, Hockey (playing or watching the Sharks!), Snowboarding (powder or ice ;), World & American History, Baseball, Cooking, New Organizational & Management Philosophies, System Design, Android Mobile Development